Patio Doors

Capital Windows offer the latest in contemporary sliding doors designed to provide large glass sliding panels, maximum glass area and a contemporary look to any property.

Despite the popularity of bifolding doors, there are many reasons to consider a sliding patio door. Sliding doors offer the best in space saving solutions compared to bifolding doors or french doors. If you are limited on space that could be taken up by an opening door, then a sliding patio door will be ideal.

Contemporary Sliding Aluminium Doors.

The biggest advantage of sliding doors is that they can accept larger glass panels and create bigger doors than a French door or a bifolding door. If you’re looking to maximise your view with the minimum in visible framing then our sliding doors are ideal. With sliding panels possible of up to 3 metres high and 3 metres wide on some of our products, you can create stunning sliding glass walls.  At the same time our doors are slim, secure and energy efficient.

What other advantages do sliding patio doors offer you?

  • Patio doors today use sophisticated running gear ensuring they they slide along effortlessly with a high feel and touch. They enable you to open the door as much or as little as you wish without fouling any floor or patio space.
  • Ideal for small terraced patio or exposed locations where high winds are a problem. Our larger patio doors are now available with a lift and slide option where extra large door spans are required to achieve maximum light and a contemporary feel.
  • One of the most attractive aspects of having Patio doors in your home is the pleasure of bringing in the light and brightness of the outdoors. The slim sightlines and sleek aluminium  framing found in the ultra modern aluminium sliding patio door are an important feature. They are also a brilliant idea for those who want to make more use of their garden and increase their living space beyond the bricks and mortar.

Patio doors can bring a range of benefits to your home and with Capital Windows you can be sure our wide choice will help you achieve your desired effect, whatever the requirements.

High Security and Performance is standard

Capital Windows expertly manufacture sliding patio doors and all feature maximum security as standard. Our doors feature a dedicated multipoint locking system offering several locking points and working in conjunction with the attractive and secure handles.

All our doors have been extensively security tested to the latest British and European Standards.

For additional security, we offer the latest in deadlocking by means of a 5-pin cylinder lock. This provides several locking points along the locking jamb of the door ensuring the sliding leaves are securely fastened to their frames.  In addition two more features are in-built to prevent intrusion. All our sliding patio doors have permanent anti-lift blocks to prevent the panels being lifted out. Overlapping interlocking stiles then prevent them being prised apart.

With Capital Windows, you can be sure we are committed to making your home more secure and in order to enhance your security we include a hook and shoot bolt variant as part of our installation. This also offers a lockable vented position for full height ventilation which allows fresh air in but stops pets and little ones from making their great escape.

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