PVCu Stable Doors

Stable Doors offer many advantages and are not just restricted to country properties or cottage style homes.

Whilst stable doors are of course perfectly suitable to these types of properties they actually offer advantages for any kind of home.

Stable Doors provide a window and a door solution in one.

Typically installed in kitchens of family rooms, stable doors benefit from a 50/50 split with both halves of the door able to open independently.  This enables a stable door to function either as a door or as a window.

Is a stable door right for my home?

trade-pvcu-stable-doors-imageIf you are in the market for a new stable door, Capital Windows have decades of experience providing door solutions to homeowners.  So why should you consider a stable door for your home?

With stable doors having much larger openings than a typical window, they provide excellent ventilation when open.  Similarly, you do not need to have a full door open on windy days – here stable doors offer an advantage.

For a family home, stable doors can provide a safety feature if you have pets or young children.  You may be in one room with your children or pets in another.  A stable door enables privacy yet with the functionality to keep them within reach and your line of sight.

Privacy, ventilation and natural light is another advantage.  You know your new windows from Capital Windows will already let in daylight.  Stable doors give you further light if required and being able to open either the top or bottom half of a stable door enables you to control where the light is directed.  This is also useful if perhaps you have an overlooked garden but still with to have the door partially open.

No matter what you may use your stable door for, they all come with high security and provide protection from the outside elements.

Reinforced frameSecureRange of Panel & Glass options

Our high quality stable doors come with a secure, insulated and reinforced PVCu frame and with a wide choice of panel styles. There are also many glass options available. Manufactured by the leading name in PVCu profiles and with the best quality door panels available, they will add a great feature to your chosen room.

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